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KOL Specialist

Job Descriptions:

  • Based on the characteristics of the company’s products, analyze the advantages of KOL, and create a creative plan for KOL short videos based on the product selling points.
  • Responsible for writing creative scripts for short videos, and providing evaluation and modification suggestions for materials fed back by KOLs.
  • Good at tracking Tiktok hot spots, analyzing popular video hot spots, and integrating short video creative solutions.
  • Review video data, regularly output analysis reports, and formulate optimization plans.


  • Bachelor degree or above, more than half a year of relevant work experience, priority will be given to those with experience in FMCG overseas social media.
  • Fluent in spoken English, English can be used as a working language.
  • Outgoing personality, strong communication, collaboration and promotion abilities, good communication and teamwork spirit, and strong enterprising spirit.

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